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Measuring a button

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When measuring buttons, we generally are referring to the diameter of the button.
A one inch diameter is called a 40-ligne, which can also be written as 40 Line or simply 40/.
Ligne gauges are found below and additional are available upon request thru our offices.
To use the ligne gauge simply open the top of the ligne gauge and clamp it on the button.
Read the top of the gauge for the correct ligne size, the bottom of the gauge measures in millimeters.
Typically shirt buttons range from 13 ligne on the Collar (if button down), 15 on the Sleeve, and 16 thru 20 ligne are generally used on the plackett.
Pant buttons generally have a 22 or 24 ligne on the front closure, and either a 24,, 27 or 28 ligne on the back pockets.
Mens Tailored Suits generally have a 24-ligne button on the sleeve and pant closure, and a 32 ligne on the Jacket closure, some double breasted suits use a 34 or 36 Ligne.


Outerwear garments typically have a 40 or 45 ligne closure. Button chart

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