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2015 Continued strong growth and international expansion.
2013 5. oldest machine replaced. Daily output reaches 1,400,000 ~ 2,000,000 buttons.
2012 5 oldest machines replaced with newer models. Daily output climbs to 1,300,000 ~ 1, 900,000 buttons.
Adjuster and Elastic band added as new products.
2010 3 Italian GUISI button surface manufacture machines purchased.
41 machines in operation. Daily output raised to 1,200,000 ~ 1, 800,000 buttons.
2009 PT.SUNGWON BUTTON obtains  Oeko-Tex Certificate. This means our product passed a highly reliable test consisting of over 100 strict test standards determined by the above research institutions. Our goal is to increase the number of materials and products that receive this certification in order to continue to produce and provide products that are safe and can be used with peace of mind.
2008 4 Italian GIUSI button surface manufacturing machines added.
Daily output expanded to 1,000,000 ~ 1,400,000 buttons daily.
2005 Indonesia branch relocated to new building.
18 Italian GIUSI button surface manufacturing machines purchased.
34 machines in operation. 800,000 ~ 1,200,000 buttons produced daily.
2001 Indonesia factory (2,000 square meters) was set up to meet high demand.
16 machines in operation. 400,000 ~ 800,000 buttons produced daily.
1998 Retail button shop opened in Dongdaemun, the most famous accessory market in Korea.
(The shop’s business address is C-37, Tongil B/D Euljiro 6-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.)
1983 Korean factory (2,500 square meters) was set up.
(The factory’s business address is 478-6, Summun-dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang City, Kyonggi-do, South Korea.)
1982 SUNGWON BUTTON was established in Kyonggi-do, Korea and started manufacturing polyester buttons.